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Mickey's Toontown Returns!

Like many of you who count the Disneyland Resort as our home park, I grew up loving Mickey’s Toontown. My favorite ride in this area was of course Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin! Lucky for us the ride still stands for a fun ride through the cartoon universe!

The Imagineering team took so much time to design this land to allow all to play and imagine freely in this space. From new water tables, a fun place to crawl, and playground activities this is a fantastic place to take a break with your smaller children.

Now for the star of the show... Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway! No age or height restrictions on this showstopping ride, making it a great ride for the whole family. It immerses you into the cartoon world of the mouse that started it all! It’s a fun and zippy ride for all. The queue is incredible, and it is also available on lightning lane currently.

Next you can take a thrilling adventure on Chip’n’Dale’s Gadget coaster. This was formerly known as Gadgets Go-Coaster and is a fantastic introduction to the roller coaster experience for smaller guests. With a 35-inch height minimum and small drops and twists, it’s a fan favorite!

Looking to meet your favorite friends? Mickey and Minnie live here, and they are ready to welcome you back! For the first time on any Disney property, you can meet the ever-mischievous Pete. Did you know Pete is a cat? He first started as a bear in the 1920’s but he was changed to a cat later. Fun Disney fact for you to win trivia nights!

And what I am probably the most excited about… the new food options!

Café Daisy is debuting a few specialty drinks and a Specialty Cold Brr-ew. Featuring caramel sauce, whip cream and a sea-salt caramel toffee sauce, this is going to be so awesome to cool down with while your kiddos are playing around with the new play equipment. They are also going to have mini cinnamon sugar donuts. Money saving alert-these are a great snack to have your kids share!

They will also have an amazing vegetarian spring garden wrap with romaine lettuce and Quinoa and a creamy lemon dressing.

They also have some amazing specialty hot dogs and a few varieties of pizza flop-overs! I really like these menu ideas and I love that they are featuring plenty of options for those who are vegetarian. They also have gluten free options for the pizza flop overs. If you have a specialty diet, food allergies or other questions on the best way to dine, reach out to your travel advisor to assist. Just another great perk of working with one of travel advisors!

Near Toontown we also have the Fantasyland theater which is currently showing the soulful “Tale of the Lion King” show. You also are right next to the classic ride It’s A Small World. and the train has a stop right here too. Take the Disneyland Railroad from New Orleans Square after riding Pirates of the Caribbean and rest your feet. Grab a churro from the nearby cart and be whisked away through Grand Canyon and Primeval world to arrive at Toontown.

2023 is an incredible year to visit the Disneyland Resort. New shows. New parades. New lands. New rides. All while celebrating the last 100 years of Disney wonder. Adventure to the magic so you dont miss out!


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